10 Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

10 Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Do you know what mistakes people make when renovating their kitchen and/or bathroom? If not, then this blog post is for you. We will be discussing 10 common renovation mistakes that homeowners should avoid in order to have a high-quality end result. Read on to find out more!

1. Getting Your Cabinetry Measurements Wrong

Homeowners can avoid costly mistakes by taking the time to measure and re-measure before purchasing cabinets. People often make a mistake in measuring their cabinetry, only realizing after they have bought it that either their fridge or dishwasher does not fit. By taking this precaution beforehand you will save yourself from making an expensive error!

2. Hiring A Cheap Contractor

A contractor is an excellent investment for any remodeling or renovation project. Not only will they help you make the necessary renovations, but their workmanship and professionalism can also give a whole new look to any room in your house. But how do we know which ones are reputable contractors

Getting more than two quotes from different companies can be exhausting or even frustrating as some builders might not take into account what exactly it is that you're looking for! However, by checking out reviews on social media sites like Yelp!, Houzz, Angie's List etc., this process of finding trustworthy contractors becomes much easier because these platforms allow homeowners to see what other people have said about them before hiring them themselves.

3. Having A Budget That Is Too Low

You never know when something might go wrong, and the last thing you want is to have a project left unfinished. To get an idea of your bathroom renovation or kitchen remodel cost, check out this handy remodeling calculator. Make sure that your budget will cover any unforeseen costs with an additional budget of 5%-20%.

4. Don’t Be Too Trendy

There are many factors to consider when deciding on what kind of kitchen or bathroom remodel is best for your home. One factor you should take into consideration before making a final decision, though, is that the more trendy and bolder it looks now; the quicker it will go out of style in terms of current trends. This could make resale value difficult if you ever plan on living somewhere else someday since other people may not be as keen about having an outdated-looking space such as this one!

Trends come and go within all industries—including those related to kitchens/bathrooms. The trendier styles can lead down property values with time due to them being much less desirable by prospective buyers than they were at first glance originally from their potential new homeowner.

5. Not Ordering Extra Flooring

A person installing flooring with a rubber malletThe most important thing to remember when ordering flooring is that you can never have too much. It's not uncommon for there to be a few cuts or breakages during installation, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry and buy an extra 20%. Delays in receiving your order are also common—after all, no one knows what style will look best with the interior of your home as well as you do!

6. Don’t Skimp On Things You Can't See

Whether it is your kitchen infrastructure or sealing your shower, you should never skimp on things that you can’t see. If you do, it can cost you more to fix the problems down the road, so always budget accordingly. 

Though they're not as pretty as the things we can see, don't forget to take care of your bathroom and kitchen. It's important that you invest in these areas because neglecting them will lead to a lot more work down the line for yourself or other people who may need access later on.

7. Not Getting A Permit

Permits are a necessity for certain work done to your home. They ensure that the public's health and safety are ensured as well as uniformity in the quality of construction. It also makes property valuation easy for evaluators should you choose or need to sell later down the road, so getting one permit will be worth it!

8. Don’t Choose Your Appliances Last

When renovating your kitchen, it's best to start with the appliances. Once you've chosen them, cabinets and countertops will be a breeze because they'll all match! If you choose everything else first before deciding on what kind of dishwasher or fridge that appeals most to you; chances are high that those pricey items won't fit in an inexpensive setup so go for quality over low budget when designing your dream kitchen renovation this time around.

9. Running Out Of Time

You never know what to expect when you renovate. It seems like all the time and money in the world is being spent on a home, but at some point, it will be over-budgeted or just not fitting your needs anymore. As long as you take into account that things are going to go wrong along the way, everything should turn out well!

10. Skimping on Cabinet Storage

Storage solutions can be found in every room of the home, but they don’t have to live there. For example, an awesome pantry or pull-out cabinets both add more storage options and make kitchens seem larger than life without being too big for small spaces like bathrooms.

Final Thoughts

A transitional kitchen

Regardless of how far along the process you are, having a solid plan is vital to any renovation project. It is important to remember that the choices you make can impact the value of your home. Adding things like walk-in showers or double vanities to your master bathroom, or items like stainless steel appliances, solid wood kitchen cabinets, and tile backsplashes to your kitchen design will likely increase your home’s overall value. 

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