Kitchen Remodel In Only 6 Weeks

Kitchen Remodel In Only 6 Weeks

Posted by Admin on Apr 9th 2021

A kitchen remodel can seem like a monstrous undertaking, but it can be accomplished in a reasonable timeframe of 6 weeks. However, you should remember that during the remodel your kitchen will most likely not be usable, so this could make these 6 weeks feel a lot longer. To help you with planning, we created a basic outline of a 6-week kitchen remodel.

This timeline will vary depending on how much you plan to accomplish and the amount of professional help you hire. An average kitchen remodel can be accomplished in about 4-6 weeks. Hopefully, this guide will provide a framework from which you can design your own project.

Week 1:

In the first week, you will be setting the stage for your kitchen remodel. You will want to begin by putting down protective tarps, taping off areas that aren’t being worked on, removing your cabinet doors and drawers, and of course, moving everything out of your cabinets. If you are installing new cabinets, you won’t have to worry about this.

Man Measuring for Cabinets

If you are removing your cabinet doors and drawers, be sure to label everything with where it goes. This will help you avoid some issues later on when you go to remount everything. Here are a few items to get your kitchen remodel started in week 1:

  • Site preparation (floor coverings, setting up ventilation for painting and sanding, taping off areas, etc).
  • Demolition.
  • General outline for electrical/plumbing.
  • Measure for countertops and order as soon as possible if replacing.

Week 2:

In week 2 of your kitchen remodel, you will be constructing the skeleton of your kitchen. Depending on the scope of your project, some of these items might already be done. For this week, you will be hanging drywall and installing cabinet boxes. If you are planning to paint your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, you will also be doing that at this time. This needs to be done away from the dust and debris of the kitchen construction. If you want more helpful guidance on painting or staining then check out our complete guide on finishing your cabinets! Here is a look at the docket for week 2:

  • Hanging Drywall.
  • First coats of primer, paints, or stains.
  • Installing cabinets.

Week 3-4:

During the third and fourth weeks of your kitchen remodel you will be completing the skeleton of your kitchen. Since your cabinet boxes are installed, you can start putting down the floor. Also, these weeks are when you should plan to have your countertop installed.

Connecting Cabinet Panels

The key objectives to tackle in these weeks:

  • Floor installation
  • Install countertop

Week 5 (Or After Countertops):

After you complete the flooring and install your countertop, you can get started on installing a backsplash, putting down grout or painted, and getting your appliances and fixtures installed. Here are some of the main items for the kitchen remodel week 5 agenda:

  • Tile and backsplash installation
  • Grout, sealants, and coats of paint
  • Install appliances and fixtures.

Week 6:

With the finish line in sight, don’t start cutting corners, as it may cause unexpected delays. In the final week of your kitchen remodel you will be putting the finishing touches on the space. This will include things like hanging your cabinet doors, mounting drawer fronts, decorating, and filling your cabinets. Below, you will find some of the items that will make up the final week of your project:

  • Hanging cabinet doors and mounting drawers.
  • Final cleaning.
  • Final touches including finishes, paint, etc.
  • Decorate and enjoy!

Finishing Your Kitchen Remodel

Don’t forget that this is a general guide, and so you can use it as a template. Hopefully, this quick rundown can serve as a springboard for your kitchen remodel project. It is important to have a solid timeline and budget established before you begin, as these will help you keep your project on track.

Modern domestic kitchen with new appliances and wooden floor

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