How to Measure for a Drawer Box

How To Measure For Cabinet Drawer Boxes

Measuring for a new drawer box might sound like a difficult task; however, it can actually be completed rather quickly by any DIY’er. In this guide, we are going to go through the process of sizing a new cabinet drawer box. Both our dovetail construction and dowelled drawer boxes are sized in the same way.

A diagram of a dowelled joint. A diagram of a dovetail joint.

Required Tools

  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Note Pad


A tape measure.

Keep your pencil and notepad handy and measure each opening at least twice to prevent mistakes.

Measure your cabinet box openings to the nearest 1/8" and record your measurements carefully on your notepad. Be sure to record your measurements as width x height. In addition, you will also need to measure the depth of the cabinet drawer opening. 

Before you can order your new drawer box, you will need to select your hardware. Whether you choose side-mount or under-mount drawer glides, the hardware’s manufacturer will specify how much space the slides will need. Below is a very general outline for calculating drawer box size. 

Be sure to double-check your hardware specification and measurements before ordering. 

Placing Your Order

It's now time to calculate the exact cabinet drawer box size you'll need and prepare to input it into the order form. Keep your notepad handy and let's get ready to calculate. Here is an example of sizing a drawer box for Blum Tandem Undermount Glides. 

Note: The exact clearance needed for your drawer box will depend on the manufacturer's recommendation for the specific model.

  • Height: Drawer must be at least 3/4" less than the total cabinet opening height.
  • Width: For 1/2" thick drawer material, deduct a total of 5/8" from the cabinet’s total opening width.

Carefully input your custom drawer box sizes and quantities into the online order form. Be sure you have selected the right depth for your drawer boxes. Proofread all of your order details to make sure you entered every detail error-free. When you feel confident, click submit. 

Please note that we do not accept responsibility for any errors in measurements based on these recommendations.