Cabinet Door Boring for Concealed Hinges

prebore3.jpgPricing $10/door

If you are using European style hinges or Compact Concealed style hinges to hang your cabinet doors we offer boring options. The majority of concealed European hinges require a large cup hole and two smaller holes for either screws or some sort of dowel. Our pre-boring option allows you to have these cups and dowel holes professionally drilled ensuring accurate and uniform cup and dowel holes.

Boring for either European hinges or Compact Concealed hinges is offered as part of our online ordering process, cutting down on the number of steps for you to complete the job and protecting your cabinet doors from potential damage. Let us bore your order for hinges so all you have to do is insert the hinges and hang the doors.

Standard depth on both boring patterns is approximately 13mm deep

Boring Placement Details Our standard Boring Placement is compatible with most hinge suppliers. Refer to your hardware supplier for required boring placement before ordering your boring option. We are able to accommodate both 5mm and 3mm DBE.

Boring Placement
Boring placement (left or right) should be based on looking at the front of the door. Select your left or right option in the order boring dropdown.

boring.jpgBoring Hole Counts
Depending on the height of your doors cabinets will have 2, 3, or 4 holes:

  • 0-49 15/16" height = 2holes
  • 50" - 75" height = 3 holes (Third bore holes are placed on center)
  • Above 75" height = 4 holes

*Please add your request for additional bore in your order notes (Please note that an additional $10 will be needed for any bore pattern outside of the norm.)


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