About US

We’re a family run business with a long history of delivering stunning cabinetry made from the sturdiest trees grown right here in America.

Who We Are

CabinetDoorMart has been serving American homeowners and contractors for close to a decade. That’s not so long from a Redwood’s point of view, but for a small family owned business—it feels like a lifetime!

Over the years we’ve grown to know and love our customers, many of which are repeat buyers. We love seeing familiar faces, so don’t hesitate to drop in and ask a quick question while you’re on the site. Seriously, we’re as warm as heartwood. We’ll gladly play matchmaker between you and our gorgeous cabinet styles.

Who We Serve

Anyone with a desire to make their homes just a little bit homier is our ideal customer. People that believe improving their homes is an extension of improving their lives and the lives of the people around them. Whether you’re a wood crafting veteran or a Do-It-Yourself novice, we’ll help you find what you need—every time.

We also love serving American contractors who help create beautiful cabinetry creations for their clients. Sometimes smaller contractors are left in the sawdust by larger cabinetry vendors, who only sell bulk products to big-fish businesses. We’ll have none of that here. We help our contractors like they’re just part of the family. No matter how much product you need—we’ll always be there to help you out.

Why Choose Us?

Everything we do here at CabinetDoorMart can be traced to two words: our customers.

  • Why did we master the Lean Methodology in all our manufacturing efforts? Because it helps us process orders faster, which gets that cabinetry into our customer’s hands faster.
  • Why have we remained a close-knit family business serving only American clientele? Because that gives us the time we need to add a personal touch to all our customer interactions, which makes our customers feel like they too are part of that family.
  • Why do we obsess about customer service to a level that our competitors can’t even hope to match? Because it’s the right thing to do. Do-It-Yourself homeowners deserve a business that won’t just help deliver their dream cabinets—but help them pick it out, too. And contractors deserve a business that doesn’t cut them out because they’re “too small” to deal with.

No customer however small is left out. In fact, you’re at the center of everything we do. And that’s the CabinetDoorMart difference.