Why You Should Add a Kitchen Island

Why You Should Add a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island serves many practical, functional, and decorative benefits. In addition to the benefits, islands are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so finding the perfect option for you won’t be hard. Adding a fixed island can be difficult unless you are remodeling, which is the perfect time to add one. In this blog, we are going to take a quick look at some of the benefits of adding a kitchen island.

A traditionally styled kitchen with an island.

Additional Storage Space

Additional storage space seems like something everyone needs. Whether you choose an option that has cabinets and doors, or one with just shelves, an island can be a great storage creator. If you have a smaller space, or you don’t want to go through the process to install an island, then a moveable island is for you. These offer the same benefits, but they can be moved when not in use to maximize your space.

More Seating

Having a space to sit down in the kitchen is always a good idea. Whether it is to eat or plan means, most kitchen islands can be used as seating. With some decoration, it could be a breakfast nook, or it could be an area for you or your housemates to work and gather in the kitchen.

Space for Appliances and Outlet Access

On top of storage, adding a kitchen island also adds countertop space. This space can be used for small appliances like mixers and coffee pots. If it is a fixed island, you can even add features like a stovetop or sink. The moveable island can be placed near outlets when cooking to make the best use of the work surface. The fixed island can also have outlets installed so that you can use it however makes sense for your cooking process.

A New Workstation

No matter how you use your kitchen, having additional workspace is a benefit. This workspace can be used for prep, cooking, or even as an office space. It can also be an excellent space to store and use your cookbooks. This way your books are readily available, but they are safely away from the mess of everyday cooking. Adding this kind of workspace unlocks countless possibilities for your kitchen.

An Awesome Focal Point

In addition to the work surface and storage space, your new kitchen island can also be an aesthetic focal point for your kitchen. You can use the space to display cookbooks, photos, or flowers to give your kitchen a pop of personality. It also creates a space for people to gather in the kitchen. Adding an island can help you elevate your kitchen’s style and add a whole new level of interest to your space.

Final Thoughts

A traditionally styled kitchen with an island.

There are about as many options for kitchen islands as there are benefits to having one. This means finding the perfect one for your kitchen should be no issue. If you are ready to start ordering or if you need some assistance, feel free to give us a call at 1-844-326-6680 or an email to info@cabinetdoormart.com. Our cabinet experts would love to help you with everything from measuring to assembly.