Remodel in the Summer: 6 Reasons Why it is the Superior Season

Remodel in the Summer: 6 Reasons Why it is the Superior Season

Summer is the time of year when many find themselves with ample free time they need to complete their home remodel projects. From weather-related delays during colder months to seasonal sales on home improvement goods; here are six reasons why summertime may be just what you're looking for if you want some help sprucing up your abode!

1. The Weather

An infographic depicting the ideal conditions for finishing cabinets

Weather can be a major factor in the success of any home remodeling project. The summer is by far the best season for a remodel because there are no winter winds or heavy snowfall getting in the way, making it easier for contractors to work quickly without having any problems with weather conditions. In addition, cold temperatures can also increase drying times for a lot of finishes like paint and stain, which means that your project might take longer as well.

This infographic provides guidelines on the ideal conditions for finishing cabinets. If this is not possible, you should keep the air moving as much as you can. Having proper ventilation is another way to help speed up drying times. 

2. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen featuring a grill.

Your kitchen is likely to be unusable for some or all of the remodeling project. During the summertime, this is no issue at all! Construction can cause loads of dust and debris in your home, so you will need to move the kitchen outside. With beautiful weather and long days, you can enjoy cooking outside while your home is under construction. So while you may not be able to cook inside until construction is done, enjoy cooking outside with family or friends during this perfect weather!

3. No Mud And Dirt

It is summertime and construction going in full swing. As a homeowner during this time, you may be worried about all the dirt that accumulates on your floor or furniture from workers walking through your home. But with less mud outside there will also be less of it inside! Hot weather means the ground will be nice and dry, which means fewer messes for homeowners. By laying down some doormats before they come indoors, you can minimize the amount of dirt and debris that comes into your home. This means that your end-of-the-day clean-up will be a lot easier.

4. Summer Deals

Summer is a time of year when many companies have sales. For those homeowners looking to remodel who want to purchase appliances and accessories, now's the perfect chance for you! Be sure to regularly check websites or subscribe to email newsletters so that you always know when the next hot sale happens.

5. Easy To Live In Your Home

Traditional white kitchen with large windows.

Warmer weather has its perks for those that live in a home with construction going on. With the warmer months, you'll be able to enjoy the sun and warmth while working hard! This means you will not be miserable with windows left open overnight.

6. Better Ventilation

The warmer months are a perfect time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Open your windows and doors so that dust from all of those projects has an easier escape! In addition to keeping your space dust-free, having proper ventilation is key to fast drying times.

Final Thoughts

Why wait until fall to get that home renovation project done? Summer is known for its long days and warm weather, so there really can't be a better time. Not only will you have more hours in the day to work on your projects, but also may save yourself money by buying materials when they are at their cheapest during this season!

A large, farmhouse kitchen with two-tone cabinets

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