Creative Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Creative Laundry Room Storage Ideas

If you are anything like me, you likely do not look forward to laundry day. If you have a small or cramped laundry room, this only makes matters worse. Not having enough space for your detergents, dryer sheets, and hampers can take this space from cluttered to unusable. 

If you are looking for ways to expand your laundry storage options, then you have come to the right place. We are going to take a look at several DIY projects you can take on to increase the storage capacity of your laundry room. 

Designed for Function and Storage

Since your laundry room is typically not a space for guests, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to design. While having an aesthetically pleasing laundry room that incorporates your interior design is ideal, this is a room where functionality needs to be prioritized. 

Person doing laundry in a laundry room with cabinets

The first step to starting your laundry room project is to make a solid plan. Doing your research and creating a plan is essential for staying on schedule and under budget during any remodeling project. Aside from your budget, one of the main constraints on your project will be the size of your laundry room. If you have a larger space and budget, you may consider some of the options to add cabinets or other features. Those with smaller laundry rooms will have to pursue some of the more creative options.

Adding Base and Wall Cabinets

One of the most effective ways to add storage to your laundry is to add base cabinets, wall cabinets, or a combination of the two. Depending on the configuration of your laundry room, wall cabinets are preferable to base cabinets, as they provide storage without taking up floor space. Additionally, wall cabinets can also be a more secure space to store potentially harmful cleaning products for those with young children. 

Alternatively, a base cabinet installed near your dryer and equipped with a countertop can be a great folding station. This way, the clothes come out of the dryer and can be folded right away instead of having to be carried out. 

Available in both base and upper cabinets, corner cabinets can be a great way to use space that normally would go to waste. At CabinetDoorMart, all of our cabinet boxes are available in custom sizing, which means you can find the perfect fit for your laundry room. Additionally, all of our cabinet doors and drawer fronts are available in custom sizing so that you can keep all those cleaning products hidden. 

Open Shelving

Creative laundry nook.

Hanging shelves can be another great way to add storage space to your bathroom without having to sacrifice any floor space. This project can also be as large or small as you need it. For example, those looking to do a quick DIY project might hang just one shelf above or near their washing machine to hold detergents, softeners, and other laundry supplies. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a project to sink your teeth into, then you may consider a larger undertaking. For example, you could mount several small shelves near your laundry machines for detergents and softeners, and then hang another larger shelf with a clothing rod below. This way, you will have small shelves for your in-use products, space to store any extra cleaning supplies or containers, and a drying rack for your clothes. 

Hanging Drying Rack

If your laundry room is a bit too small for cabinets, then you may be scratching your head a bit. Don’t worry, just lookup. You can utilize your ceiling to hang a drying rack. For this, you could up-cycling an old wooden ladder, or create something brand new using your DIY skills. 

Similarly, if your laundry room has a door, then you can utilize the back of the door. There are a wide variety of products available for over-the-door organizers whether you are looking to hang clothes or store cleaning supplies. 

Use Curtains to Divide Your Space

Nobody wants their dirty laundry and laundry room constantly on display. If your laundry room lacks a door, adding a curtain or other kind of divider can help. This is an extremely simple task, that only requires the purchase of a curtain and rod. 

Folding Stations

Fold down ironing board.

Mentioned briefly above, a folding station can be a massive upgrade for anyone’s workflow in the laundry room. Freestanding folding stations are a great option for those with the space and budget. If you are tight on either, you will need to get creative. One example is to mount an ironing board, countertop, or piece of plywood to the way so that it folds out. This project is on the more difficult side of the DIY world but can be a cheaper alternative. 

If you have front-loading washer and dryer, then you can use that to your advantage. You can secure a piece of plywood or countertop across the top of the units, which will make a perfect folding station. You can secure the piece to the wall, or you could install legs, which would be a great start to a hidden washer dryer look. 

Bookcase for Storage

If you have a spare bookshelf in your garage or attic, it can be the perfect storage for your laundry room. You can add baskets or containers to organize and consolidate things like spare linens or cleaning and laundry supplies.

A quick and easy solution to your laundry room storage needs is to add a bookcase. These come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, materials, and configurations, so finding the right one for you is only a matter of time. You can use baskets or containers with your bookcase to give it a finished look. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what projects you decide to take on, we hope you are able to create a laundry room that is seamless to use and leaves your clothes fresh and clean every time. Having proper storage can be a big help in this. If you are struggling with your plan, you can try mixing and matching projects to create some wonderfully unique. 

DIY drying rack in a laundry room

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