Key Items to Address in a Bathroom Remodel

Key Items to Address in a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling projects can be difficult if you have never been a part of one. Knowing what you should or shouldn’t replace, what should be done by professionals, and if you need any permits can be difficult questions to answer. The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, so you want to make sure it stays clean and comfortable, but where to start?

1. Fixing Flooring

It is hard to build a quality structure without a quality foundation. And so, it is important to first address the floor in your bathroom. You should carefully inspect your flooring to ensure that there are no cracks or damage where water can leak through and cause damage. 

Pay extra attention to the flooring surrounding your tub or shower, the sink, and the toilet. Damaged flooring plus running water is not a good combination no matter what room of the house you are in and especially so for the bathroom. Be sure to replace any broken tiles or old caulking to ensure the longevity of your work. 

2. Everything In Place with Your Bathroom Vanity

One of the most important features of both guest and en suite bathrooms is the vanity. Whether you opt for a single or double bowl vanity, having the right one for your needs is very important. This is also the space where you will start most days getting ready and end most days preparing for bed.

A small, single sink bathroom vanity

It is important to select the right vanity for your needs. Take a moment to critically think about how you use the space and what issues cause friction. You may have storage issues in your bathroom, in which case a vanity with cabinet space or drawers could be helpful. Or, you lack enough space to have your toothbrush and toothpaste out, in which case a wider vanity could solve some of these issues. From width to height to configuration of storage, it is important to understand how you use your vanity space in order to best improve it. 

3. Major Fixtures

When inspecting your flooring, also take time to look over your sink, tub or shower, and toilet. Over time, washers, O-rings, and other plumbing items can stretch or crack and will need to be replaced. Often, you can find the individual parts to make these repairs fast and cheap. However, sometimes you will need to replace the whole fixture. 

A transitional bathroom with tub, standing shower, and double vanity.

If your tub or shower is mostly in good condition, you could opt to replace the showerhead and other hardware to give it an updated look. Similarly, if your vanity is structurally sound, you may consider replacing the sink bowl or countertop. Sometimes it can be even easier than those options. A fresh coat of paint on your bathroom vanity may be all it needs to get it looking brand new again. There are also a wide variety of modern fixtures that are changing all the time. Be sure to do some browsing so you know what is on-trend for bathroom design.


4. Wall Cabinets for Vertical Storage

If you have a smaller bathroom or one that was not designed with storage in mind, you might consider adding some cabinets. Wall cabinets can be great for storing towels, extra toiletries, and other bathroom supplies we don’t want to always be on display. The wall cabinets also have the added benefit of not taking up any floor space. You can achieve a similar effect with tall pantry cabinets

Think strategically about where you would place a new wall cabinet or tall pantry. For example, if you choose white painted cabinets, you may consider installing them in a space where they would get a lot of artificial and natural light. This is because the bright white cabinets will reflect light throughout your space making it feel brighter and larger. 

Don’t forget the backs of doors, as this is another area to capitalize on storage without needing much floor space. 

5. Improved Lighting

A large bathroom mirror reflecting light.

Proper lighting is vital to having a user-friendly bathroom. Proper lighting works to help everyone to use the space more effectively, as it is much more difficult to overlook or lose things when they can all be clearly seen. In addition, proper lighting can also help your space to feel larger. It is important to remember to keep your bathroom clean and clutter-free to enjoy this benefit to its maximum potential. 

Finishing Up

Whether you are close to breaking ground on your project or this is the first time you have thought about remodeling, it is important to start with a plan. Knowing exactly what you plan to replace and how you will spend will help you use your time and resources wisely. As you plan, don’t forget to think about other items like curtains, mirrors, and your decorative features. 

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