DIY Breakfast Nook in 5 Simple Steps

DIY Breakfast Nook in 5 Simple Steps

Breakfast nooks are a wonderful way to brighten up your kitchen or make it feel cozier. These spots provide an area for you and family members to eat breakfast together, drink coffee in the morning, and just enjoy each other's company. Be sure not to try this project alone because even though it’s easy enough that anyone can do them themselves--it never hurts to have some help!

Share your morning plans with friends and family in a more personal way by building an intimate breakfast nook. This functional, yet stylish space will not only be the focal point of your home, but it can also provide you with new, convenient storage space!

Just because we're busy doesn't mean that quality time needs to go away between loved ones. With this handy DIY breakfast nook with cabinets, it's easy to create a comfortable place where everyone can gather over coffee or eggs while still allowing natural light into every corner of the kitchen.

1. Plan the Location and Measure

When it comes to deciding on the best place for a breakfast nook in your home, there are many options. The space for your breakfast nook should be large enough so that you can eat comfortably, as well as have enough room and seating for guests or family members. If this is what you're looking for, search through different areas of the house like an open kitchen with plenty of countertop areas to work with or perhaps a dining hall where people will gather daily at mealtime. This might not always come easily but every effort spent searching will result in something worthwhile!

A built-in breakfast nook

You will see breakfast nooks positioned near or under windowed spaces to make use of the natural lighting they provide. This is an especially effective placement with East facing walls that can take advantage of a sunrise view during breakfast time.

Before you even start thinking about the design, measure out your space. This will make it much easier to figure out what size of materials and cabinets you need.

2. Construct the Base

The base will act as a sturdy frame that your cabinets mount to during construction. The increased height of the breakfast nook is perfect for opening cabinet doors without dragging across the floor and making any extra noise!

Consult the dimensions you took in step one to cut your pieces of lumber to size. If necessary, most hardware stores will do this for you when they sell it. Once you have your pieces cut and shaped according to how much space is available, use screws or nails as needed to construct your base.

A built-in breakfast nook with a table.

The shape of my base design was important because I wanted something tall with some space underneath so that people could sit comfortably without being crowded together too closely by other seats around them.

After completing the base, it's time to set this piece against your chosen wall and use a drill or screwdriver to secure it. 

Before moving on, it’s important that you install evenly spaced support planks within the center of your base design to distribute the weight and give it extra strength. This will strengthen the design even more so that you can make sure every part of your breakfast nook is supported for years!

3. Prepare the Cabinet Bench

Preparing the cabinet bench for your breakfast nook should be a quick and easy process if you follow these simple steps. First, set the cabinet side-by-side with clamps to ensure they are positioned perfectly flush together (you can use more than one clamp for each joint). Next, refer to your dimensions once again before drilling holes through all of the joining wall panels in order to attach them securely together.

Attach the line of cabinets together with your nuts, bolts, and washers to create firm, lasting connections that will be able to support the stress of day-to-day use.

4. Connect the Cabinets to their Base

When you have your base and a line of cabinets, it’s time to put them together! Lift the connected cabinet over the top so that they align. When even with each other, use your drill to create connecting holes from one side through both pieces into the bottom. Screw it in place as you go around until all are secure on their own little shelf!

5. Decorate

A built-in breakfast nook with a table.

If you've been dreaming of a breakfast nook, now's the time to transform your dream into reality. Now that the hard work is done, you can start selecting decorative items for your new breakfast nook area. Regardless of the size and shape of your new breakfast nook, there are a wide variety of directions you can take the styling. It is a good idea to browse around online so that you can find inspiration for your own design

Finishing Up

Now that you have your breakfast nook built and decorated, it is time to enjoy it! 

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