Panel Ready Dishwashers and Custom Cabinet Doors

Panel Ready Dishwashers and Custom Cabinet Doors

Panel ready dishwashers are the best of both worlds: having a stylish, sleek kitchen that is also practical. Instead of being bothered by your stainless steel beast in all its glory ruining the flow, panel ready dishwashers can be hidden with cabinet doors to keep it out of sight for those who do not want these items on display. If you have been thinking about remodeling anyways this might just be right up your alley- go ahead and give yourself some style points while making sure everything is convenient too!

Ornate Panel Ready dishwasher.

There are two main methods by which you can disguise your dishwasher. The one you will need to use depends on whether your dishwasher is panel ready or not. Panel ready dishwashers are made to have custom covers, like cabinet doors, attached to the front. If you don't have a panel ready dishwasher model, then you will need to explore some more creative options. Either way, this is actually a pretty quick project to complete and may be easier than you think, so let’s get down to how it’s done.

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Cabinet Panels and Trim

A dishwasher is a small but mighty appliance that does all the dirty work for you, so why not make it beautiful? To spruce up an old and dull-looking device in your kitchen or laundry room, start by taking exact measurements of your dishwasher and the space around it. Once you know your exact sizes, you can start browsing cabinet doors and panels. With such a wide variety of styles, you are sure to find what you need for your dishwasher’s cover. 

Strong Glue

Dishwashers are known to produce a lot of heat during operation. If you are using method two below for non-panel-ready dishwashers, make sure that it is strong enough and can withstand this type of heat. You should be able to find something at the hardware store like Gorilla Epoxy or Liquid Nails which will work for your project needs--just pick one with good reviews from previous customers!

Wood Slat and Door Hinges (Optional)

As mentioned earlier, if you want to hide your entire dishwasher from view then cover up the top panel where controls are located too. To do so you'll need a wooden slat that is cut-to-size so that it fits the overhead space of your dishwasher. Once measured head out and buy some paint that coordinates well with everything else - don't forget primer first as always when painting anything new! 


A panel ready dishwasher in a slab style kitchen.

First, inspect your Dishwasher

Some dishwasher models will allow you to remove their front panels with a screwdriver. Inspect your dishwasher to see if the front panel can be removed this way, and if not, move on to method 2. But if you can readily remove this panel, then follow method 1 and this project will be that much simpler for you.

This is also a good moment to go ahead and get all of your measurements. 

Method 1: Screwdriver

If you already have, or plan to get a panel ready dishwasher then installation will be a breeze. First, remove your old dishwasher panel and any surrounding trim that might be in the way. Next, position your new panel and attach it to the dishwasher. 

It can be helpful to pre-drill the new cover for the screws, especially if you are using a solid wood or thermofoil cabinet door. This will help prevent cracking or splitting. 

Method 2: Glue

If your dishwasher’s front panel cannot be removed, then your new cover will need to be attached with an adhesive on top of it. Apply your chosen glue to the new panel and attach it to your dishwasher. It could be helpful to use clamps here so that a tight bond is created. This method will cause the new panel to jut out slightly from the rest of your cabinets.

Top Panel Option

At this point, your dishwasher should look almost entirely like the cabinetry beside it. If you’d like to also cover the top controls on your dishwasher, get some adhesive and glue a wood slat to the top of your dishwasher, so that the controls are concealed. Next, attach door hinges onto this wooden panel so that when closed; the cabinet front covers over any exposed parts on top of the machine from view.

Finishing Up

Panel ready dishwasher in a modern kitchen.

Regardless of your chosen method, adding a panel to a dishwasher is an easy DIY project that is not time-consuming. Panel ready dishwashers and custom cabinet door coverings are great ways to create stunning modern looks with seamless lines of cabinetry. If you are in the market for a new panel ready dishwasher, check out this list of the top 7 on the market!

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