What Should I Look For In A Bathroom Vanity?

What Should I Look For In A Bathroom Vanity?

Take Measurements

The last thing you want is to have a vanity that is too big or too small for your bathroom. So before you start looking for a vanity, you need to take a few measurements:

  • Height: There are two types of bathroom vanity heights; comfort and standard size. Standard vanity height is between 30 and 32-inches, while comfort height is a bit height at around 36-inches. A great way to figure out what height is best for your vanity is to measure your kitchen cabinets' height. If you're comfortable chopping vegetables or mixing batter in your kitchen, it will most likely be the right height for your vanity.

  • Width: The width of your bathroom vanity is dependent on whether you opt for single or double sinks. On average, a single sink vanity measures around 30 and 48-inches, and a double sink is between 60 and 72-inches.

  • Depth: The deeper your vanity, the more space is there is for storage. Most bathroom vanities measure between 17 and 24-inches, with the average vanity being 18-inches.

Who & How Will Use A Bathroom Vanity?

The point of getting a vanity is for it to be used by you and your family. Depending on who uses the bathroom, will depend on how the vanity will be used. Here are a few common scenarios that you should consider:

  • Couple: If you and your partner share a bathroom and are tight on time in the morning, you may want to opt for two sinks so you both can use the vanity with ease.

  • Family: For a family home, opt for a more oversized vanity with plenty of storage space, two sinks, and countertop space.

  • Single: A single sink vanity would be perfect for anyone who lives alone with some counter space for your products.

  • Share House: A bigger vanity is needed for a share house as you'll need plenty of storage space for everyone's essentials.

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Keep In Mind Your Bathroom Layout

Your layout plays a big part in the size, shape, and style of your vanity. Unless you have the budget to move doors or knock down walls, you will need to keep your bathroom's current layout. Before you pick a vanity, make sure you keep these bathroom layout obstacles in mind:

  • Doors: If your bathroom door opens inwards, make sure that it won't hit your vanity. This also applies to shower doors that may cause damage or hit your vanity.

  • Toilet: Consider how close you want your toilet to your vanity. You don't want to be bumping into it in the middle of the night.

  • Flow Of Traffic: Adding a vanity to your bathroom should not make navigating through the room harder. Keep in mind having to open and close the vanity's doors and drawers.

A great way to figures out if you'll have issues with your bathroom layout is by placing a box where the vanity will be. You can now do a walkthrough and see if you come across any layout obstacles.

Consider Your Plumbing

Your plumbing will play a significant part in what type of vanity you get and where you put it. Yes, you can move your plumbing, but this will increase your project's cost and duration. So, you might want to work with the plumbing that you already have. Additionally, the plumbing also affects the style of vanity you choose. A standard vanity will work with your current plumbing, but if you want a wall-mounted one, your plumbing will have to be moved to make it work.

Picking A Bathroom Vanity Style & Color

Your bathroom is an extension of your home's decor, so picking a vanity that complements its color and style is essential. There are plenty of color options to choose from, including the following:

  • Black: For a timeless look that is versatile and flexible, opt for a black bathroom vanity. Dark shades pair perfectly with sleek hardware and minimal decor that gives a bathroom a luxurious and rich look and feel. But avoid this shade of vanity in smaller bathrooms as it can make the room look even smaller.

  • White: For a clean look and feel, opt for a white vanity. In one of the most popular colors, a white vanity is a classic choice that works in almost every bathroom. It also works well with most decor styles.

  • Gray: Grey bathroom vanities add a modern, clean look to the space and pairs well with dark blues, whites, and bright colors.

  • Wood: Get a classic, spa-like look with a wood bathroom vanity. Wood vanities come in a wide variety of stains that can be easily adapted to your needs. Great wood species to opt with are alder, maple, red oak, cherry, birch, and pecan.

Additionally, your bathroom vanity style also plays a significant role in the look and feel of the room. Here are a few style options to consider:

  • Floating Vanity: Over the past decade, floating vanities have become increasingly popular in modern homes. This style of vanity gives a bathroom a chic, modern look and feel.

  • Open-Shelving: Combining drawers, cabinet doors and open shelving to your vanity is a style that many homeowners have grown to love. Open-shelving works exceptionally well in smaller bathrooms as it gives the illusion of more space. It is also the perfect place to store towels, lotions, and shower products neatly.

Single vs. Double Sinks

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can get either double or single sinks. A single vanity has one sink and is perfect for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms where you'd need room for foot traffic. A double vanity has two sinks and works well in a master en suite or a family bathroom. If you have the space and need for a double sink, we suggest going with it.

Choose Your Sink Style

Not all sinks are the same so picking the perfect one that suits your needs is essential. There are hundreds of sink styles to choose from, so you might want to take your time with this decision. Keep in mind that the style and function of your vanity is impacted by the sink you choose. Think about how much counter space you'd like before choosing a sink, and work backward from there.

Don't Forget The Faucets

Now that you've decided on your sinks, you can start looking at faucets. Like with the style and functionality of sinks, faucets are also heavily impacted by these factors. We'd advise that you purchase all your sinks and faucets from the same company or ensure that sink, vanity, and faucets align.

Add A Little Bathroom Vanity Storage

For many homeowners, one of the main reasons for getting a bathroom vanity is for storage purposes. From towels to toothpaste, your bathroom vanity is the perfect place to store everything you use when you're in the bathroom. Depending on who uses the bathroom, you can adapt the storage space accordingly.

Washing Up

Colorful Bathroom Cabinets

After getting through this blog, you may still not be sure what you need for a bathroom vanity. The most important things to consider are the measurements and what will work best for your home. You don’t want the bathroom vanity too high or low, so it is important to select a height that is comfortable. Once you have the measurements set, the rest is up to preference. Choose a style that fits with the theme for your home and a vanity configuration that suites the needs of those in your home. Keeping these things in mind will help you create a bathroom space that is both safe and comfortable.