What Makes White Cabinets so Great?

What Makes White Cabinets so Great?

Everywhere you turn, you see kitchen, bathroom, and living room cabinets painted white. While white cabinets are not the only current hot style today, they are certainly one of the most popular. So why are white cabinets so popular? Here’s some insight into the reasoning behind it.

White Cabinets Reflect Light and Add Brightness

White is one of the brightest colors you can use on cabinets because it reflects light very well. Therefore, a room will look brighter both during the day and the night. Both the natural light and the light from fixtures will bounce off of the surfaces to better illuminate all the various areas of the space. During the day, the white color will also blend with sunshine to create a brighter atmosphere compared to brown or black colors.

Kitchen Painted With Bright Reds

To put it another way, people feel a sense of lightness from white paint. This does not mean that a coat of paint white will suddenly make everyone get along. It just means that the added light will help you create a positive environment.

White Colors Are Easier to Keep Clean

While darker cabinet colors tend to hide dirt more, white cabinets tend to show dirt, grease, and stains more clearly. At first, this may sound like a negative. But, it actually makes keeping the space clean easier, because you can quickly identify where you need to clean.

White is Easier to Paint On

When you are painting your cabinetry, white can be a more forgiving color. Other colors tend to show imperfections more, especially on cabinet doors that have more of a flat surface. White cabinets, on the other hand, tend to mask these minor imperfections. This means touching up the paint when moving, or getting a new tenet, will be a breeze.

White Blends with Almost Any Color Themes

Much like a classic white shirt, white cabinets can be paired with almost any color or design. White cabinets make the perfect foundation to build your aesthetic on. As a universal color, white will go well with darker and brighter colors.

White Paint is Usually More Affordable

White paint is easily one of the most available color options. Therefore, it is often cheaper to get. However, some brands of paint will have the same pricing, whether you get a tint base and mix colorant into it or not. There are a lot of white paints that are premixed and ready to go, so that means no waiting for the paint to mix.

White And Red Painted Kitchen

Cabinet Touch-Up Tasks are Easier

If you are using unique colors, it can be difficult to find a suitable match for touch-ups. If your cabinets were painted with the standard white color, it can be easier to match up the paint when you need more to touch up areas with scrapes, dents, or other markings. This means it is also a great choice for property management companies and rental owners. It’s simply easier to match up and repair areas in need.

White Cabinets

Final Touches for White Cabinets

Whether you are repainting or painting something new, white can be one of the most versatile color choices. It is also the perfect color choice for renters and property owners because it is both easy to clean and to touch up. White is also a very easy color to paint over, so if you want to go in a different direction later it is easy to cover. White paint can be a great way to give your kitchen a brighter and happier feel, without the price tag of a major remodel.

Choosing white as the foundation of the color for your space gives you a wide variety of options. White is extremely versatile, and so it can be used to create a sleek modern look or something more traditional. In addition to the creative freedom, surfaces painted white are easier to keep clean. White paint can be a great way to brighten your space, without the costs of a major remodel. If you have any questions about getting started, or you are feeling stuck, feel free to give us a call at 1-844-326-6680 or an email at info@cabinetdoormart.com.