The Best Cabinets for Your Bathroom

The Best Cabinets for Your Bathroom

Storage space is incredibly important to feel comfortable in any room of the house. However, storage and countertop space are two things that are often not as prioritized in bathrooms. Yet there are many items that we use daily in the bathroom from soap and toothpaste to towels, medicines, and cosmetics. In this blog, we cover a few ways that could help you solve your bathroom storage woes with bathroom cabinets.

So what are the best cabinets for your bathroom?

A streamlined cabinet vanity box with drawers and a central section designed for a waste bin can be a great start. You can opt for two sinks if you share the bathroom with someone else. That way two people can use the vanity without having to take turns. A nice wide, attractive granite countertop will create sufficient space for all those daily necessities like toothpaste, toothbrush, and cosmetics. If you add a tall cabinet on one side, then it could be used to store clean towels and other bulky items.

Generally, bathrooms are considerably smaller than kitchens, but that doesn’t take away from their storage needs. But by considering your personal needs, you will be able to create a functional space that is both neat and comfortable. When you optimize your storage, it also helps you be more efficient when getting ready. Pink Bathroom Decor

Planning for Bathroom Storage

We all have our own routine when it comes to the bathroom. Whether it is getting ready for work or going out, our routines don’t often change. For planning out your bathroom storage, it is important to consider your daily necessities. Making a list is always a great place to start. Here are a few items to consider that can help get the brainstorming started:

  • Cleansers, lotions, make-up, shaving cream, razors, and brushes and combs, all of which should be close to the basin and a mirror.

  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner, bath salts, face cloths, bath mats, and towels that are in use, that should be easy to access from the basin, bath, and/or shower.

  • Detergents and cleaning products are frequently used in the bathroom but that should be out of sight.

  • Toilet paper.

  • Medicines including supplements and first aid items.

  • Clean bath mats and towels that are not currently in use. If you do decide to store these in the bathroom be sure to include good ventilation so they don’t get damp because of the steam.

  • Many people also like to display certain items, from shells and plants to collections of old perfume bottles, or other decorative items.

  • Also consider if you have any art on the walls, as it may have to be moved to allow for shelves or cabinets.

Once you have filled out, you can determine which types of cabinets and bathroom storage will work best for you.

So what will work best for you?

The most popular place to start with bathroom cabinets is the vanity. Custom vanities can feature two sinks, drawers, and cabinet storage. Also, if you have space, floor-standing, wall-mounted, and tall cabinets may be incorporated into the bathroom design. Below, we will get into some more specifics on how this can work.

Bathroom Remodel

An integrated system

If you don’t have lots of open space, or you want to keep your bathroom minimalist, go for a larger vanity. Generally, these provide an instant solution to bathroom clutter and also hide unsightly pipework. They are a great solution in terms of introducing countertop space for getting ready. The vanity box may be made of various materials, but if wood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is used, be sure to seal well as protection against moisture, steam, and water.

Bathroom cabinets

Undoubtedly the best solution for bathroom storage, but cabinet boxes do take up more room than some people have available. However, shallow wall-mounted units are reasonably easy to incorporate in any space, particularly if you install sliding doors.

Shelving systems

Typically inexpensive and relatively easy to install, shelves are versatile and great for decorative items. Various shelving types may be used, from solid wood to glass, as well as freestanding shelving units.

Alternative storage systems

If you don’t want to use conventional storage systems or want to include some innovative ideas for storage in your bathroom, get creative. Ideas include using a trolley on wheels, vegetable racks, and various baskets, some of which you can suspend in a vertical space. In addition to helping you manage your bathroom items, creative storage also adds a level of interest to your space.

Bathroom cabinets

Wrapping Up Bathroom Cabinets

While there are units, including compact mirror-fronted cupboards intended to store medicines and other smaller items, many of today’s cabinet boxes are ideal for bathrooms. Practical and versatile, you can use regular cabinet boxes and decide whether you want shelves or a row of drawers. Deep drawers commonly used to store pots and pans, can be repurposed inside a vanity box to store dirty laundry out of sight. Whether you are buying new or heading down the DIY route, the only limit is your creativity.