New Modern Thermofoil in 2021

New Modern Thermofoil in 2021

If you have been planning for new cabinets, you have likely seen countless different styles, colors, and material options available. After a few hours of browsing, you may feel like everyone has similar-looking options available. Here at CabinetDoorMart, we are excited to announce our new line of Modern Thermofoil doors. These new doors bring an exciting and unique reimagining to some of the most popular traditional and classic styles. The Modern Thermofoil series will feature 10 unique styles and 10 beautiful colors. In this blog, we are going to introduce you to our new doors!

Raised Panel Doors

A small thermofoil kitchen

Our Modern Thermofoil series offers two square, raised panel options. The first is our new Classic Modern thermofoil door. This door offers an updated look on the traditional raised panel door. The Classic Modern offers a minimalistic take using subtle edge detail and clean, straight lines. Available in both trendy colors and natural wood textures, the Classic Modern is a great choice.

For our other new raised panel, we have the Breckenridge Modern thermofoil doors. The Breckenridge Modern door offers more detail for more of a traditional feel, but reinterpreted for a more modern look and feel.

Both the Classic Modern and the Breckenridge Modern thermofoil doors are perfect for those looking for something new and trendy that still has a traditional feel.

Recessed Panel

The largest part of our new collection, our new Modern recessed panel thermofoil doors come in 7 stunning styles that revisions the iconic Shaker style door for modern audiences. Our Shaker Modern, Aspen Modern, and Lancaster Modern doors stick close to the original design but find a new direction with trendy color and beautiful natural textures.

The Bradford Modern and Shaker Elite Modern doors retain the stylish frame of the shaker but offer an updated panel to give it a new feel. The Bradford Modern door achieves this new look with beautiful beaded detail on the panel. The Shaker Elite Modern, on the other hand, uses vertical detail to create a look almost reminiscent of wood paneling.

A small thermofoil kitchen.

Our final two modern style doors are the Shaker Inset Modern and the Shaker Slim Modern. Both of these doors add something new to the shaker look that gives it a unique and engaging appearance. The Modern Shaker Slim updates the door’s look by reducing the size of the stiles and rails to just 3/5th of an inch. This creates tight lines throughout the space, and it is perfect for showing off trendy colors or beautiful natural textures.

The Shaker Inset Modern has the look of an inset cabinet door, but it is actually not a traditional inset door. A combination of the edge detail with a full overlay creates the inset cabinet, but without the typically added costs or trouble with warping associated with inset installation.

Slab Style

While the slab-style door doesn’t seem there is much to change, our Turino Modern door brings new exciting colors and textures to the slab style. These new and exciting colors and textures ranged from a lovely weathered oak to a stunning matte sage. Combine these colors with a full overlay to create a beautifully seamless look in your kitchen.

Be An Influencer with Modern Thermofoil

A thermofoil kitchen.

Our new Modern Thermofoil series offers 10 new styles in 10 new colors. They are a great choice for those looking to create a trendy aesthetic for a modern kitchen. Since they are thermofoil, they will arrive finished and to be mounted.

If you are ready to start ordering or if you have any questions about these exciting new products, feel free to give us a call at 1-844-326-6680 or an email to