Kids’ Bathroom Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel

Kids’ Bathroom Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel

You know that when you have children it is important to make your home a place they can be comfortable. Their bathroom should not only provide comfort but there are also safety concerns depending on the age of the child. It can be hard to come up with designs for a safe and fun space in an environment where kids will be unsupervised. 

Imagine a whimsical and fun space that will help kids relax or encourage them to take care of their daily needs independently. This bathroom remodel could include décor like silly wallpaper borders on the walls for added color and whimsy, as well as more practical items such as furniture to make the space accessible, so they can be comfortable in this exciting new bathroom! In this guide, we will explore some kid-friendly bathroom ideas for designing a space that is both comfortable and safe for your children.

Countertops And Step Stools

One of the most common problems for children, especially those on the younger side, is not being able to reach the countertops. While kids grow and this issue is not permanent, their bathroom design should make accommodations in the meantime.

A small bathroom with wooden step stool. 

Not being able to comfortably reach the sink discourages children from doing things like washing their hands or brushing their teeth, which can cause serious health issues and bad habits. Installing a lower bathroom vanity and lowering light switches could be an easy way to help keep your child happy while encouraging good hygiene habits at home!

However, it can be prohibitively expensive to buy a new countertop every few years. So instead get a sturdy step stool. They are available in a wide variety of materials, construction styles, and colors, so finding one to fit your kids’ bathroom design won’t be an issue. In addition to the step stool, you should also consider things like more accessible toothbrush holders or soap dispensers. 

Go For Color

A bright, colorful bathroom.

One great way to make your kid's bathroom decor more engaging is to go with a pop of color! Here are three great hues that could work well for any family bathroom: green, baby blue, and shades of the rainbow!

Green creates an airy environment perfect for those fresh mornings. Baby Blue makes it seem like there’s more space and light. If you want some variety then try out any shade of the rainbow on one wall as accents against neutral walls. This will give off a creative vibe that the little ones will love!

Style And Décor Ideas

Who doesn't love a room that lets them go wild with their creativity? Children's bathroom decorating is an excellent way to get creative, and it can be one of the best bonding experiences ever. You'll have so much fun coming up with decor ideas with your little ones for their bathroom.

A themed bathroom can be a great choice, and it helps limit the number of decor choices you will have to make. And you don't need any special skills or tools - just start browsing websites for inspiration! 

If you're not interested in painting or changing fixtures, then consider the textiles. This can be a great way to give your kid's bathroom a new look by just freshening up some of the items that are already there! One easy thing is switching out old shower curtains and bath towels for newer ones. You could also explore wall decor such as artworks, posters, or other items that reflect their interest.

A bathroom with a colorful shower curtain.

These simple changes will make any child feel excited about their space and will help motivate them to practice healthy habits. And if they need extra motivation, you could also explore new bath toys!

Transitional Toilets

Installing lower toilets and sinks can be difficult in a shared bathroom, and it's not exactly desirable for guest bathrooms either. Fortunately, there are solutions out there that can work for children and adults. Transitional toilet seats can be used by both children and adults, so you won't need to continually replace the toilet as your children grow. 

Soft-close toilet seats can also be a good addition in homes with children. Quiet close toilet seats prevent the seat from slamming shut. This can be very helpful for children who might not be able to get a good hold on the lid. 

Accessible Storage

Keep the bathroom organized and avoid messy countertops by providing plenty of storage for your child's belongings. You'll not only be encouraging them to practice good hygiene, but you will also make cleaning a lot easier!

If you are in need of storage for a kid-friendly bathroom, consider things like hanging a hamper for dirty clothes, installing cabinets with lower shelves or ones that can be reached with a stool, or hanging baskets or storage containers on the backs of doors.

Safety Concerns

The last thing you want is for your kid to get injured in their bathroom. By adding faucets with anti-scald valves, you can prevent hot water burns and keep the temperature low enough that they don't accidentally burn themselves. For bath time, find a fun thermometer that will help make sure the water stays safe at an appropriate temperature. For little kids, this can also be a fun way to learn how to read a thermometer.

When you're making a decision about your bathroom flooring, there are many considerations to think of. One is that children have an increased likelihood of slipping on wet surfaces. Porcelain offers great benefits as it has anti-slip properties even when water spills, whereas marble tiles can be slippery for both adults or kids. It is best to err on the side caution when choosing floors like these because lots of bumps and stitches could happen from falls alone!

Finishing Up

Kids don't need to be troubled with a bathroom that is too difficult for them to use. You can make all the difference by giving your kids access they deserve and making sure their comfort zone in the bathroom is one that's comfortable enough for them to practice healthy hygiene on a regular basis. A few things you could do are lower towel bars as well as non-slip floor tile can make a huge difference!

A child washing their hands.

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