Can You Reface IKEA Cabinets?

Can You Reface IKEA Cabinets?

Sep 30th 2020

Can You Reface IKEA Cabinets?

Can You Reface IKEA Cabinets?

Renown for its ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories, IKEA is truly a one-stop-shop for all your household needs. In addition to is beautiful furniture and accessories, the Swedish brand also provides its customers with cabinetry. From the storage cabinets to kitchen cabinets, the store has a selection of cabinetry that suits all tastes and home decor.

Many homeowners opt for IKEA cabinets to buy high-quality stock cabinetry that is both cost-effective and readily available. Even though IKEA cabinets add a sleek, modern look to your home, they do start to look dated after a few years. Fortunately, you can update IKEA cabinets without spending a fortune on replacing them. You can do this by merely refacing your IKEA cabinets. You'll not only get new cabinet doors but a new look and feel to your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. In this blog post, we breakdown how to reface your IKEA cabinets.

In A Nutshell

The aim of refacing your IKEA cabinets is to change the look of them. If your cabinet boxes are in good shape, there's no need to replace the entire cabinet. Instead, you can replace the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, pull, doorknobs, and hinges. Simply pick the IKEA cabinets that no longer appeal to you, and update it with new doors and hardware. By doing this, you can dramatically change the look, feel, and aesthetic of a room for a fraction of the cost of a full renovation.

How to Reface Cabinets

Whether in your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, refacing your cabinets is an easy DIY project for anyone with moderate experience. Essentially you'll be replacing the outside of your cabinets while keeping the inside as is. The process of refacing cabinets involves several steps that are done in the following order:
  • Measure Your Cabinets: To ensure you get the correct size of cabinet doors and drawers, you need to measure your cabinetry. You'll need to measure the drawer opening width, end panel width, door opening height, and door opening width.
  • Order Your Cabinet Doors: Once you know what type of cabinet doors you want and have the correct measurements, you can place your order. We offer cabinet doors for the IKEA Sektion Cabinet series (2015-present).
  • Prepare Your Cabinets: Before you start removing your cabinet doors, you need to empty your cabinets to avoid damage, unscrew the hinges, and clean the face frames.
  • Remove Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts: Remove the drawer boxes, but keep them intact in a safe space as it will still be used.
  • Refit The Hinges: If your old hinges are still in good condition, you can reuse them.
  • Install Your New Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts: The doors and door fronts can now be installed.
  • Add New Hardware: Once the doors are installed, you can add your new handles and drawer pulls. If you like your old hardware, you can use those too.
Refacing your cabinets should take between two and four days, depending on the room's design and size.

Pros & Cons Of Refacing IKEA Cabinets

Like every home improvement project, refacing your IKEA cabinets comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Before you start removing your cabinet doors, take a look at these pros and cons lists:


  • Function & Flow: If you love the layout and functionality of your kitchen, then you'll get you to keep it when refacing your IKEA cabinets.
  • Plenty of Options: From natural wood to laminates, you'll have plenty of options to choose from when refacing your cabinets. You can totally change the aesthetic of your kitchen by picking a contemporary or traditional cabinet door.
  • Cost-Effective: Unlike replacing your cabinets, refacing will cost you far less. You'll pay approximately half the cost of buying new cabinets plus the cost go new hardware, hinges, and other accessories.
  • Eco-Friendly: Refacing your cabinets is a more eco-friendly option than replacing them. It can be a waste of resources to throw out your cabinets that are still structurally sound.


  • Finishing: Unless you have the time to apply a new veneer to your cabinet boxes, you are limited to cabinet doors in finishes that go well with your current color scheme.
  • Not A Remodel: Refacing your cabinets does not change the layout of your kitchen. If you are not happy with functionality or flow, refacing your cabinets won't fix this problem. Additionally, it won't increase the number of cabinets or the amount of countertop space.
  • Cabinet Boxes Remain The Same: The interior boxes of your IKEA cabinets will remain the same when refacing. If your current cabinets lack the storage you need like shelving or additional space, refacing won't give you what you need. Additionally, you'll need to paint the interior boxes to make it seem as new as the cabinet doors.
If you have IKEA cabinets that are outdated or boring, opt to have them refaced. It is the budget-friendly option that will have any room in your home looking fresh and new. Use our 5-step-guide to reface your IKEA cabinets in no time.