Custom Kitchen Designs

Work with a professional designer to design your dream kitchen!

With our Custom Kitchen Designs you get our RTA Boxes built specifically for your space along with everything you'll need to take this project to completion.

Order as a gift and receive a PDF gift certificate that can either be emailed or printed and then gifted to the recipient.

 What You Get With A Custom Kitchen Design Package

High Res 3D images

Using specialized tools and software, our expects create beautiful high resolution renderings of your custom kitchen design. It's the absolute best way to see exactly how the new design will fit your space. You can also give these to other professionals collaborating on your project.

Elevation Schematic

This is a diagram of your kitchen on the vertical plane and it's the simplest way to see how each cabinet sits against the wall. You will be able to see the specific dimensions and locations for every piece and where they stand in relation to each other.

Floor Schematic

These diagrams, seen from above, cover the overall space and layout of your new kitchen design. This includes doors, walls, windows, and any other features of the room.

Additional Materials Document

Our Additional Materials Document details exactly what you will need for your new kitchen design that doesn't come with your Home Planner. Bring this with you to ensure you don't have to go twice!

Numbered Layout

We will create a map for quick reference that shows your floor plan with each cabinet clearly labeled by a number that corresponds to your list of materials.

List of all needed materials and prices

This is a complete list of what you'll need itemized with prices and a grand total.

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