4 Reasons to Love a Kitchen Island

4 Reasons to Love a Kitchen Island

On top of providing a stylistic focus point to your kitchen, a new kitchen island can also be a great practical addition to any space. Newer kitchen islands can be purchased today that include appliances like a stovetop or sink, or they may have integrated storage for things like your microwave. 

With the rise of smaller living spaces, we have also seen the rise in smaller kitchen islands designed specifically for kitchens where space is at a premium. Whether it is for a large, open concept kitchen or a smaller apartment, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons we love kitchens with an island. 

A rustic kitchen island in a kitchen with lots of natural design features.

  • 1. A Space to Highlight Your Style

A small kitchen island with decorations on top

A kitchen island can be a great spot in your kitchen to highlight your stylistic decisions. It creates a microcosm of the design so that guests are able to see how it all fits together on the island. If your kitchen is on the larger side, it can also help to anchor your kitchen with a focal point. 

Whether it is a marble countertop that extends to the floor on the sides or an influential cookbook, your kitchen island is the perfect stage for you to highlight your personal tastes.


  • 2. An Inviting Space

While we often talk about storage space for your kitchen, it is less frequently that we discuss the topic of kitchen seating. While a new kitchen island can provide much-needed storage, the added seating is a benefit that you shouldn’t overlook. 

While cooking with another person can be enjoyable, cooking around another person normally is not. However, a kitchen island can provide convenient seating that enables conversations, but that won’t interrupt the chef’s workflow. In addition, Cody C. Delistraty at The Atlantic notes that sharing meals at home typically tends to be more nutritious and is good for our mental health.

  • 3. Integrated Storage Solutions

Sometimes, our biggest storage issues are caused by trying to incorporate small appliances. Blenders, microwaves, and air fryers have become almost essential for our fast-paced lifestyles, but they do not always fit into our available storage options. Newer kitchen islands have integrated designs so that they can efficiently store these items without compromising access.

You may also consider kitchen islands that are made to include things like sinks or stovetops. These are great modern luxuries that many homebuyers may notice during an open house. In addition, outlets that feature USB ports and boiling-water taps are also popular features for a kitchen island. 

Opting for a multi-function kitchen island is vital for smaller kitchens. For these, we recommend mobile islands that can easily be moved in and out of place. For example, an island on wheels could be a prep station that is later moved to be a plating station. 

A modern kitchen island with a wrap around countertop.

There is a lot out there in terms of kitchen island features, be sure to browse online to get an idea of what might interest you!

  • 4. Expand Your WorkSurfaces

No matter what you are cooking, it is always frustrating to not have enough space. Adding a kitchen island to your design is a great way to create more work surfaces and to help you feel more comfortable while cooking. The kitchen island also makes a great center workstation for your work triangle. 

A small kitchen island that extends from the countertop to create an The work triangle, also known as the kitchen triangle, is a theory of kitchen efficiency developed in the 1940s. Based on this theory, you establish three workstations around your kitchen. These should be placed near an appliance that corresponds to the station. For example, you would want to have your prep station near your food storage, so that can minimize the number of steps you take getting out ingredients. 

Final Thoughts

Kitchen islands are a great way to increase both the functionality and personality of your kitchen design. They are great for guests to gather, for having a nice cup of coffee in the morning, and for sharing a meal with those in your life. To learn more about how adding a kitchen island and other home improvement projects impact your return on investment, check out our article on remodeling ROI

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